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she might eat as much

And Ashley! Oh, most of all Ashley! For the first time in her life, she hated Tara, hated the longred road that led down the hill to the river, hated the red Wedding dress rentalfields with springing green cotton. Everyfoot of ground, every tree and brook, every lane and bridle path reminded her of him. He belongedto another woman and he had gone to the war, but his ghost still haunted the roads in the twilight,still smiled at her from drowsy gray eyes in the shadows of the porch. She never heard the soundof hooves coming up the river road from Twelve Oaks that for a sweet moment she did not think—Ashley!
She hated Twelve Oaks now and once she had loved it. She hated it but she was drawn there, soshe could hear John Wilkes and the girls talk about him—hear them read his letters from Virginia.
They hurt her but she had to hear them. She disliked the stiff-necked India and the foolish prattlingHoney and knew they disliked her equally, but she could not stay away from them. And every timeshe came home from Twelve Oaks, she lay down on her bed morosely  English playgroup hong kong_Victoria (Upper Kornhill) Nursery - established playgroup programme in Hong Kong since 2010. English and Chinese speaking playgroup hk staff will interact with students to create a bilingual learning atmosphere.and refused to get up forsupper.
It was this refusal of food that worried Ellen and Mammy more than anything else. Mammybrought up tempting trays, insinuating that now she was a widowas shepleased, but Scarlett had no appetite.
When Dr. Fontaine told Ellen gravely that heartbreak frequently led to a decline and womenpined away into the grave, Ellen went white, for that fear was what she had carried in her heart.
“Isn’t there anything to be done, Doctor?”
“A change of scene will be the best thing in the world for her,” said the doctor, only too anxiousto be rid of an unsatisfactory patient.
So Scarlett, unenthusiastic, went off with her child, first to visit her O’Hara and Robillardrelatives in Savannah and then to Ellen’s sisters, Pauline and Eulalie, in Charleston. But she wasback at Tara a month before Ellen expected her, with no explanation of her return. They had beenkind in Savannah, but James and Andrew and their wives were old and content to sit quietly Office Desk andtalk of a past in which Scarlett had no interest. It was the same with the Robillards, and Charlestonwas terrible, Scarlett thought.